Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Poopies for you!!!

I've come to a revelation. I have to get into a really weird position to put my whole arm up my poopie hole, so I might not do that too much (it makes me shoulder sore). And I've come to another revelation – there are not enough free range poopies in this world.

Poopies are like peace – they should be shared equally by everyone there is – and the people there will be, when they come out of their mommy's poopie hole. So I'm going to do my part to spread peace and poopies, by opening a store where you can buy all kinds of poopie-related things. I won't be selling shit, like, bad things. Only the best shit for you guys! I'm gonna stock the poopiest shit, and the shittiest poop, and, and, it's gonna be SHIT-TASTIC!

Here is some poopie gifts you can give to the ones you love as much as shit!
Popanator's Store at Zazzle

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