Monday, August 16, 2010

Popanator Legacy

Holy shit, I'm getting popular again! One of my fav websites ( is finally recognzing who the real Popanator is. Take a lookie at these comments. Sometimes I swear the comments is funnier than post. P.S. I am female. 100% I do have a big smelly hair pie. That is why you would prefer my cornhole.

Beautiful Redundancy

Posted On Sunday, August 8, 2010

I took a big poopie today. It was so beautfiul it brought a tear to my eye. Then I got a flash of inspiration. I took my poopie out of the toilet and started drawing on the bathroom wall. I drew a toilet filled to the brim with beautiful corn laden poo. Looking at my art I started to get hungry, so I licked it! But then I threw up all over my creation with green mucousy puke. Oh my God it made me so hawnee!!! I decided to fist my cunt and splash the now mural with my juices cummy juices!!! Mmm..... I fisted my poopie hole some more and made my creation into perfection!!! But for some reason my boss is now summoning me into her office. I don't know why... Gota go!
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Hey, popanator wanna be, have you seen the movie, "The Human Centipede?" Seems like something you would like.
Posted by Anon on Monday, 08/9/10 - 1:04am
That is for sure something I would love to try!

Posted by YNN on Monday, 08/9/10 - 7:50pm

YNN, I knew you would come around. How's about letting me leave a nice steamer for you on your nightstand. Mmm.... I would give you a nice corn laden steamer.

Posted by Popanator on Tuesday, 08/10/10 - 7:21am

That sounds quite lovely! I can't wait for your big tasty steamer! Should I use spoon or fork? Oh, to hell with it, I'll use my fingers! Oh boy! I'm going to look out on the sidewalk, maybe there's a nice big dog steamer for me!

Posted by YNN on Tuesday, 08/10/10 - 12:02pm

YNN, I love thee!
Posted by Popanator on Tuesday, 08/10/10 - 7:03pm

When I was a child I rolled my little black turds into balls, then let them dry in the sun and used them to play marbles. That's how poor we were. My little sister ate one of them one day, and I got really mad because I never got much to eat, so turds were hard to come by. I think I still have one of my little black turd marbles, such a sweet memory.
Posted by YNN on Tuesday, 08/10/10 - 7:10pm

Posted by RALPH on Tuesday, 08/10/10 - 9:13pm

You are all sick!
Posted by Eric Smith on Wednesday, 08/11/10 - 12:38am

C'mon Eric! It's the legacy you left us, right? Besides, let them keep writing, I'm thoroughly enetertained by my impostor's work! He has kept popanator busy and happy; I clearly didn't write a single one of the above statements! But I enjoy the reading and creativity. This is actually the work of "the original DORK" --I mean "DUDE."

I guess he's running out of kiddie porn again.

Posted by the real YNN on Wednesday, 08/11/10 - 3:24am

Well, I am glad to see that the "perverted mailman suitor" chick has given it a rest, temporarily. Now, if scat boy, here, would do the same, this site may start to regain some of its original allure. Seriously, popanator, isn't your little blog enough for you?

Posted by Eric Smith on Wednesday, 08/11/10 - 6:14am

Yeah, what happened? Did she finally get medicated? Which one's worse? I thought poopa was a female too. Is that not true?

Posted by YNN on Wednesday, 08/11/10 - 2:37pm

That's what poopie claims. I find it very hard to believe. Sounds like a male.

Posted by Eric Smith on Friday, 08/13/10 - 5:47am

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