Friday, August 6, 2010

Kitty crunchies!!!

Ah, the sandy poopies of my little kitty. Sandy kitty poopies are just so poopielicious and divine. I can just pick them up, and snack on their sharp, crunchy texture – they're like pickles, only poopier! And when I'm too full for a snack, I take the kitty poopies out to my corn field and mix 'em in with the soil – I like to give Mother Earth a tasty snack, too. My corn's growing big and strong – more ears than I can fit up mah poopie hole, so far. But I'm workin' on it! And my kitty is just so happy to give me more poopies whenever I want – he'll leave 'em on my bed, on my dresser, even in my hand if I squeeze him a little bit. He takes after me! It's so CUUUUUUTE!!!


Jacky Maille said...

You'd love what I do for a living: Dog groomer. I have to squeeze the rectums of these little beasts and get them to squirt out their anal juice.

Popanator said...

Mmmm... I would be there with my mouth open ready to catch the delicious fountain!