Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Carpe Diem!

I awoke this beautiful August day wondering what to do. I walked out into my corn field to admire my beautiful corn and put it up my poopie hole for a while and got bored. My poopie hole has gotten so loose another corn cob fell out I forgot about. Then I looked more out to the meadow and found some mushrooms. Mmm. I took a mushroom and nibbled on it and it was wonderful. I saw pretty colours! I started running around and stripping off naked. I fisted my shit hole and smeared it all over my body!! Then I ran to the lake putting rocks and random shit up my shit hole. I jumped into the lake and saw fishies swimming around my feet. So I took one, bit the head off of it and sucked out the delicious blood and ate the delicious fishie poopies!!!! I screamed "I am the POPANATOR here to destroy all!" I ate the fishie meat and shoved the skelton up me poopie hole and shit on it. After I pulled it out it looked like a fish again so I threw it into the water. I ran out of the water and back into my farmhouse still naked and covered into poopies. I smeared the poop all over the walls leaving my signature on all the walls. I licked it and rolled in it. It was truley a beautiful day. I fell asleep admiring my poop.


ashmelville said...

Strange, but you are a really talented writer. And very entertaining.

Popanator said...

Thank you!

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