Thursday, August 12, 2010


During this wonder summer on the farm, I found me a new little love interest. He banged me up the poopie hole and put some many things in my poopie hole. It was love!!! He shoved some delicious corn cobs up there and fit his fist up there all the way to his elbow. However, something horrible happened this week. My stomach started to swell. It was so painful. After a few days I squated out on the field and delivered a 9 pound baby. However, my new little baby who I named Gabriel was brown and smelled so delicious. He was covered in corn. My boyfriend dumped me because he said the baby couldn't be his. Why he was glazed in his semen!! Mmmm.... Unfortunately, my baby melted in the hot August sun, but the delicious corn laden poo remenants will always be there to remind me...

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