Sunday, August 8, 2010

Beautiful Redundancy

I took a big poopie today. It was so beautfiul it brought a tear to my eye. Then I got a flash of inspiration. I took my poopie out of the toilet and started drawing on the bathroom wall. I drew a toilet filled to the brim with beautiful corn laden poo. Looking at my art I started to get hungry, so I licked it! But then I threw up all over my creation with green mucousy puke. Oh my God it made me so hawnee!!! I decided to fist my cunt and splash the now mural with my juices cummy juices!!! Mmm..... I fisted my poopie hole some more and made my creation into perfection!!! But for some reason my boss is now summoning me into her office. I don't know why... Gota go!

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