Wednesday, August 11, 2010


I was walking around the meadow today eating delicious meadow muffins. Mmm... they have the nicest corn laden poo of all. Then I looked up and admired my most favourite of animals: The cow. Cows are so beautiful. They are nice and big and fat like those big beautiful women who have those delicious smelly fat rolls that produce that delicious cheese. Also big beautiful women cannot wipe all the way so they usually have nice dried poopie jerky I can eat!

Cows also have the world's biggest poopie holes. I'm jealous. Sometimes a farmer has to get his body all the way in that poopie hole to help her give birth. Mmm... I love it when I put my fist up my poopie hole to give birth to a nice corn laden steamer.

Cows also have those big udders. I love big udders. It reminds me of a fat woman lactating. Mmm... I love to drink fat woman breast milk. I like to also lick the cheese built up between the big fat schweaty tits. Let's all remember the most beautiful and graceful animal of all... The COW!

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Jacky Maille said...

I love fat woman breast milk too! It's been sooo long.

Popanator said...

Me too! I also love the cheesy stuff under the fat woman's tities. I love to chew on it!