Sunday, August 15, 2010

A new fun summer game

I just invented a fun little game. I'll teach you how to play it, so you can all Popanate yourselves when I'm not around. All you need is some shit, some corn, and the desire to learn a new skill. As a USI graduate, I appreciate learning – but I'll tell ya about the Popanator curriculum later.
All you do is go out to your corn field (or really, any corn field will do), and make a big, smelly shit circle on the ground. Make it about as big as you are tall. Then, make a bunch of littler circles inside your bigger one – and while you don't really have to use shit, that is the most sensible material to use. This is your target.
Now, get yourself some corn cobs. Make sure to shuck 'em, so your anus muscles can get a good, firm grip. If you wanna leave the husks on there so they'll slide out faster, that is your choice – but I just can't deny a chance to get a nice, rugged corny feeling as its bumpy kernels massage the inside of my poopie hole.
Bend down, and "load" your bunghole with a corn cob. Flexing your poopie muscles, fire that cob with all your might, straight at your target. Give yourself a challenge by moving farther away, or by trying a trick shot off of something. It may take awhile to master – after all, you don't have the natural Popanator talent – but it's hours of poopielicious fun when you do.
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