Monday, September 24, 2012

Is Popanator Evil?

Okay, poopie freaks this is something that has been bothering me. I was in group therapy tonight talking about things that I was grateful for. I did talk about Fistmas and my plans for making a Nativity Scene out of delicious corn laden poo! The therapist said, "For the love of all that is holy, can you please talk about something other than shit for once?! What else are you grateful for besides shit and Fistmas?" I know, I'm having difficulty getting over my shit addiction. I mean,, it is the best thing, since well, anything!

Now, I wish I was as good as the artist in the pic, I still had to think of something to be grateful for. I finally said, "Watching my enemy fail. Watching his life get worse and seeing him experience the pain he has caused me. I love seeing how all his failures is something he caused. I masturbate while reading about his shenanigans and how he just basically fucked up in life." The therapist gasped, so did the whole group. For two reasons, finally I said a sentence that didn't involve shit and the first time I honestly wanted to see someone fail.

Shit freaks, I've been through a lot this year. More than I would wish on my enemy, well I did wish it on him. And yes, seeing his life all apart just makes me all tingly inside. It is more satisfying than taking one of those large constipation dumps. As hard as I am struggling my life is getting better. Karma is working, I am finally getting some faith restored to me. Hey, it was Karma just doing what it does best. Is it wrong to be happy about it?

Maybe I'm just a hurt person wanting to see the universe provide some type of justice. I don't know. Emotions are a fucked up thing. I wish my psychiatrist hadn't put me on those meds. Now that I have emotions, I feel like a psycho. Okay, more of a psycho. I mean, its great I feel joy when holding a poopie and smearing it. However, some things just suck. I'm going to bed now, hopefully tomorrow will be a better day.

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