Monday, September 10, 2012

Life's Getting Better

I just had a wonderful weekend visiting my furry little boyfriend. Whenever I'm not working or in class or in group therapy or doing volunteer work I am back in Evansville with my sweet Sam. I've had plenty of fists up my poo hole, but his is so big and just stretches me out so far.

We have been together now for a blissful 6 months. We even got over the fight we had where some troll hacked his Facebook and and had him send flirty little messages to every female in sight. Facebook, is well, the devil. I admit, I love it and love posting my little ramblings about delicious scat porn I find online, but other than that, well Facebook is shit. And not in a good way. Not the delicious little corn dumplings I leak out while on my period while my boyfriend just lovingly cleans me up with his tongue. Mmmm... No, the dried up little shitties that have already turned white.

Seriously, Facebook is funny. But in other news, I am currently working as many hours as I can and saving up my pennies to make that big move to Evansville. I know, I know, in group therapy my psychiatrist said no new relationships. I've had this one since March. ;)

I remember the first time I saw him at that St Patrick's Day party and I passed out. The next thing I woke up to was his throbbing cock up my poopie hole. I was squirting some squishy ass poopies. I mean, squirting! He said he couldn't help it with my passed out body on the floor was enough to give him a raging erection. I knew it was true love. He has been searching for me for years. He was in love with me since 2001 and even showed me his closet shrine he made of me and even kept a pair of my poopie encrusted panties.

Mmmmm.... I've seen plenty of closet shrines of me, but this shit was impressive. Someone has been worshiping me for all these years, well, shit, I can't say no that! I just love the passionate fisting and ass fucking! Mmmm.... He just loves to lick my poo hole and then we kiss so deep, nothing is as romantic.

Nothing says true love like sharing each other's delicious nutty and corn laden fudge. Now, I must go back to work and dream of the day where I can be with my fisting buddy forever.

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