Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Habbo Plus and Autism Questions

Okay guys, this site is more addictive than CORN LADEN POO!!!1!! Its more addictive than my website. Seriously you go into your own virtual world and can build your own rooms. I built my own kitchen covered in delicious corn laden poo. Mmmm....


For some reason, I enjoy building my own little poopie fantasy. I love to have a house smeared in shit, my bedroom smeared in shit. That shit just makes me so hawnee. You can even stack poopies like my autistic brother Willie, which brings me to my next question. Why do autistic males all have a bent dick. That is the number one way to tell if a male is autistic. Case in point:

What the fuck is up with that shit? Have you ever had an Autistic dick up your poopie hole? It really stretches you out. I've fucked a few autistics in my time and now my ass is wider than Goatse. But how is this linked to Autism? Is it to keep them from reproducing? I always thought their personality and social retardedness would keep them from it.

I mean, I've seen female Autistics reproduce just fine, but that's because females have it easier. As long as you have warm vagina, it doesn't matter what you look or act like. Someone, somewhere out there will fuck you. Case in point:

Well, I will ponder those questions of the universe while I am at work again tonight.

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