Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Fistivus a holiday for the rest of us...

Well, poopie freaks, Popanator is the world's best problem solver. Those unpatriotic wankers have the fireworks ban through Saturday. I have a bunch of fireworks I need to set off. Well, here is the solution, if the unpatriotic poofters do not want us to celebrate the 4th of July then we need a new holiday...

FISTIVUS!!! The first anal Fistivus will be held Sunday July 8th! Here, we can shoot off fireworks, and I will ignite my artillery shells covered in DELICIOUS CORN LADEN POO! I will also celebrate by taking my glow sticks and hanging them out of my poopie hole while igniting these delicious fireworks.

Well, that is until I get fisted of course. I can't wait! I'll even shoot some bottle rockets out of my poo hole. That would be one flaming poopie. Tee hee!

Anyone else have any ideas on how to celebrate this brand spanking new Holiday? Leave them in the comments!!

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