Friday, July 20, 2012

The Magic Of Period Week!

Guys!!! Its Period Week again! I started bleeding out of my crab shack today!!! I know, I am always way too excited about bleeding out of my diseased vaginal hole once a month, but it means I am not pregnant! Now, I know some people are a little slow when it comes to understanding the magic of periods. I love them. I love the squishiness of the blood in my diaper, and sometimes I get some blood dried to my pubes. After shaving my pubes for a long time, they went from being black to now brown. Its weird, its like shaving them changed the colour, but when I'm bleeding out of my cunt, they turn into a reddish hue. Still the carpet is lighter then the drapes. WTF? Here is a video for those who don't understand this magical time of month. Its all about what a period is and how to use pads! Yay! \

Now, this is a little outdated. I use depends instead of pads, because I only have to change them once a day. Between work, class, and group therapy, I just don't have the time to dick around with pads. Also, they smell MOTHER FUCKING DELICIOUS. I went to a fish fry tonight and I blended right in. I couldn't tell where the fish ended and my cunt began. Also, if I have to shit or piss and I'm busy, I just do it in the diaper. They make great corn snacks later on.

Life is awesome. I'm not pregnant. I'm getting healthier by the day. I know, its the magic of eating right (I get my veggies mostly from corn). I have been exercising by doing more than streaching my poopie hole and I've been expanding my life like my poopie hole outside the interwebs.

Dare I say it?? Popanator is becoming a woman in more than one way. I just took off my diaper and smeared the blood all over my chest like a badge of honour.

P.S. Period blood makes excellent lube for the poo hole. This is the week I don't have to buy any lube! YAY!

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