Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Meeting the Fake Popanator

Yes, its true, I finally met the fake Popanator today! I have been having diarrhea for several days, so I finally needed to get me some solid food. I drove to McDonalds on my lunch break to get the closest thing to delicious poo: A sausage egg biscuit. And yes, I also had it with cheese. Why the fuck does cheese have to be special ordered? It should be a standard part of the sandwich.


Picture it a pigs anus with the cunt dropping of a chicken put the tit juice of a cow. Mmmm.... That sandwich makes me so hawnee. SO, I was standing in line waiting on someone, anyone to take my order. I lifted up my leg and hiked up my skirt to let out a delicious wet fart. This retard comes running up in a helmet yelling, "Gene are you making the McDoubles all ready?! Its only 9:30AM!"

Oh, fuck, now I have this retard waiting on my. I just yelled out, "Hey, helmet-boy take my order. I have to get back to my job babysitting other retards like you."

The retard limped up to the register. He was obese with greesy hair. I would never forget the crash-helmet. He drolled all over the counter. He slurred out, "I'm Popanator. I'm the head fry cook. I like buscuits. Mmmm... I'm Popanator!"

I perked up, "Holy shit, I thought I'd never meet you in person, why do you imitate the real Popanator?"

"She's my hero. My mommy gets mad when I squish my poopies. My boss only lets me squishy my poopies when I'm earning my raise. I'm the head fry cook."

"That's nice, tard-boy. I'll take a sausage egg buiscuit with cheese."

Fake Popanator tries to comprehend what I just said and then lifts up his leg and shits his pants. Mmmmm.... Fresh shit! I just said, "Oh, just take the corn from that delicious poo poo, bag it up and we'll call it even."

Fake Popanator bags up my order and says, "I have an important job. I make the special sauce! Gene helps me make it." Just the this big fat black man yanks the poor fake Popanator away. I hope to meet this special little bugger again.


Anonymous said...

My bicycle's horn goes "beep, beep"!

Poppy War said...

Hi, Impostanator. I was getting worried about you. I haven't seen you in a couple of days. Are you still being a good "Head" fry cook on your knees?