Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Fap Material

I've just been sitting here, homework done in that little freetime between work and group therapy! YAY! I figured I might as well fap. My magical period week is comming to a close. I always wonder why near the end of it, my blood smells really fishy. You know that smell you get right after some random guy shoots a load of sperm in you. Well, I'm guessing it is 3 week old sperm finally falling out of my crab laden cunt. I am picturing the smell of that cunt in the pic. Fishy! I'd gladly give that a lick!

Check this out! This is something I'm looking forward to doing with my boyfriend next week. I love it when he uses me as his personal toilet. Also, those granny panties are hot! I'd sniff them while she's wearing them. I can imagine the fishy smell. Mmmm...

Soup! And its CORN LADEN! OH MY GOD! That has to be mother fucking delicious! Tuna scented, corn tasting, mmmm, perfect culinary art!

Speaking of art, I just want to give that a nice long lick! Mmmmmm... OH FUCK YEAH! Okay, now I came, its time for me to hit the red X and take a nap. Periods truly are magical...

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