Monday, June 25, 2012

My Response to RyanTheHedgehog1998

I uploaded this last night and he is already butt-hurt. This disturbed little freak is in love with Chris Chan. He hangs out on all the Chris Chan videos defending his little girlfriend to all who dare say something bad about him. Here is my video response: For all I know, this fucker might be Chris Chan. I hope it is. First off it would cream my corn that the Internet's most famous asspie would pay attention to me. Also, it would alleviate my fear that someone is in love with this: Seriously, the fucker drinks his own sperm. He tried to run over someone with his car. He has no job, no future, he spends his days drawing Sonichu comics. Okay, my rant on Chrissy later. For those who don't know who Chris Chan is, go to Its a world you don't want to enter, though.

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