Monday, August 27, 2012

Period Blood Cookies

While surfing the web, I stumbled across a delicious little recipe. Period blood cookies. You just bake like regular cookies about add period blood. Seriously, this chick, who will now be my new bestie has done it! She goes by the name cunt barf, which reminds me of this weekend after my boyfriend fucked by poopie hole he slammed his dick in my pussy. It was tuna scented blood. Here is her words of wisdom:

i made menstrual blood cookies! i am not entirely happy with how they turned out, so i am going to experiment with some recipes throughout the rest of this month so i can try for something great next cycle. this recipe was far too floury.

I love how pink it is! Mmmm... I wonder if they even smell like tuna and have a copper kind of taste. I'm kinda sad I'm not bleeding out of my cunt now. However, this woman collects period blood like I collect poopies. I believe it is a delicious form of recycling.



She really gets into period blood like I get into poopies. I'd love to lickie that poopie hole while she is bleeding out of that cunt.

I love how she just lovingly stores her cunt blood. I would love to open it up and drink it up like Kool-Aid.

I still prefer poopies, but I can respect anyone who recycles and enjoys their own bodily fluids. Poopies and period blood do go beautifully together. Everything that comes out of the body is beautiful and magical.

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