Thursday, July 12, 2012

Chris Chan Trial of the Century (Warning Rant)

At first I was angrier than an Autistic with a broken Skyrim CD over the results of the trail. Chris Chan got away with 1 year community service, psychiatric treatment, and community service. Fuck! It sounds like at first the Autistic fuck got away with it.

Yes, I admit these past few months, I've been obsessed with the trial. I have seen way too many Autistics get away with disgusting, violent acts, and then use the Autism card and get off Scott Free. If they are that seriously fucked up, then why aren't they thrown in psych wards?! Why do they get the free pass?!

I looked at this further, with a different attitude. Chrissy did have to pay medical bills to Michael Snyder. He hit the guy with his car, twice. Yes, he is insane. I personally think he should have been locked up in a psych ward. Instead, he will be getting psychological treatment he desperately needs. Researching more into this autistic waste, I realize this is not a normal person with normal mental functions. He talks to his imaginary Sonichu character.

Also, community service for this fuck would be like a living hell. He dosen't work, doesn't want to, so this would a nightmare. He would actually have to do something positive for the community. Also, with probabtion, he would be kept on a short leash, unable to do some of his fucked up shit while he asspies out.

Okay, since I'm not a total asshole, I do hope this is the turning point in his life. Maybe, some good would come out of this. Sure, it just reinforces the Autism card could have one get away with attempted murder. I seriously hope Michael Snyder can heal from the trauma of having this piece of shit stalk him since '08. okay, back to topic, I seriously hope he gets psychological help and this community service helps him build some self-esteem from working.

Maybe, Chrissy will become an adult and move out on his own. Put this manchild life behind him. Oh, who the hell am I kidding?!

Here is a TRUE AND HONEST Facebook quote from our Chrissy hero:

Yep, the trolls know most of what went on in the court room yesterday; it is confirmed that two of them were in there, going by the online names of "Cyan" and "Indigo". Rob recognized them both, and informed them that their trolling stupid presence is noted and known. I have also found their transcribed, personal reports on the Cwcki Forum, and they have a 23 second video on YouTube of them driving by the courthouse and holding up the day's "New York Times" paper, titled "CyanIndigo", same as their account name. And they quoted me in calling Snyder "thieving and lying"; I had actually said "Bribing and lying".

Anyway, we ALL know of them, and they will be brought in regardless of currently being in Or outside of Virginia or even the United States of America.

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Anonymous said...

Go eat a dick! Not all autistic folks are like that! My cousin is autistic and he wants to work; he just has a hard time finding a job. How dare you mock autistic people! Burn in hell! You might want to fucking grow up!