Saturday, August 11, 2012

Fur Fetish

Hi, poopie freaks. Yes, I am still hanging in there. My psychiatrist says I am doing really well. My mind is improving. With that improvement, I am starting to see things as they really are. Well, reality sucks. While I was sitting on the couch today just debating on whether to give myself a do it yourself lobotomy I decided to escape into my virtual world for a while.

One of the things that makes me hawnee I looking at hairy men. I LOVE FUR! So, here is some of the best furry pics:

Holy shit! I would love to rub my face in that furry chest. that is just about perfect.

Okay guys, why is there a pic of my mom on the internet?! Come on, that woman has been gone for a couple of years now, show some respect. At least she died doing what she loved best, choking on that cock. I feel like crying when I think about it. Hopefully some day, I'll have a job I love that much.

Fuck yeah! I love growing my cunt that furry. That way dried up corn and cum bits will always be there for when I get hungry later on. Mmmmm.... I wonder what things she has hidden in that fur pelt?

HOLY SHIT I"M GOING TO CUM!!! Now, back to the men folk.

A nice cushion to fist! Tee hee!

Mmmm... lick out the corn! See sharing my fetishes with the world just cheers me up. I hope that cheered you up to.


Popanator the poo eater!

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