Sunday, June 24, 2012

Rant Against The Popanator

Guys, this just fills me with pride. I've been stalked on YouTube all summer from a little autistic with a boner for Chris Chan. Part of me thinks this might be Chris Chan. If it is, I'll spray corn all over my monitor. Anyway, he calls himself "RyantheHedgehog1998". Ryan even calls Chris Chan his hero. Anyone I smell bull shit. Not the yummy kind, either. Here's his lovely rant.

Okay, now that lovely piece of art work is over, life has been going really good. I've stopped working the overtime for now. Still going to class. I'm starting the reap some rewards. Life is still hard, but I am hanging in there. Life is getting better, even though some days it feels like it is falling apart. I've had to make so many changes lately, but for this second part of my life, it is time to focus on me. I am the master of my own destiny. More on that later. I'll also be sure to return the favor to the Chris Chan apprentice. I actually have 2 days off this week. It makes me want to poo and eat my lovely nutty poo. 2 days off!

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