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More Fan Mail and My Responses!

Hi, poopie freaks! I recieved some more fan mail! Well, fan mail from the same person. His name is Krisjan. He takes poop fetish and vore seriously. For those who don't know, here is some vore:

Not my thing at all. Reminds me of Dolcett and that shit scares me.

Anyway, enough of that Tom Fuckery. Here is the emails and reponses. This is the response after my response posted on my blog:

Krisjan (kinda sounds like Chris-Chan LOL)

Well you answered all of my questions. thank you. But I bet it would be asome to be your poopies. I mean I would love slide into your mouth and down your throat as poopy or not. (I have vore fetish; If you don't know its fetish were you fantasy about swallowing someone whole and alive or get swallowed by someone else whola and alive, or just see everything as food even none food products :D)  I hope my vore fetish comment is not grossing you out.      Well I can also tell you that I do have bit of scat fetish myself. But Scat fetish is not my original fetish the vore fetish is but my scat fetish is more of by product of my vore fetish so you can develop liking for another fetish if they cross path with each other. 

I hope you don't mind that I give you my reaction to your reply.

1.) Well 23, thats bit a late for such an amazing poop eating lover like yourself,    I would have thought you had started younger.  Why you started out as poopies eater you said something snapped in your head, I would say you just thought the idea of eating poop erotic back then and you just give into the urge and rest as they say is history. In other words You just have scat fetish but you are not bad person for having fetish.  I feel there is nothing more healthy than having fetish, as long its not throbbing other days to days actives  Motherly feel to it you say well more power to you then. :)

Additional question: How old  are you now?

2.) Well I was bit of prick asking about the taste. I know it can be hard to explain taste of something when the other person has no knowledge of the taste, it could feel like you were trying explaining rocket science to someone that dosen't even known the answer to 1+1= 

3) Well since you have such love for poopies I could understand that hard control one is self, I get this feeling sometimes when eating Pizza. 

4. ) I know the sliding down the throat question was another prick question, I love how you replied too it though :D

5). Well full belly is the greatest feeling ever. 

6.) Well I have seen lot of moves in my life time many great one both live-action and animation, im 25, but I have never seen a movie that changed my view on how I view the world, even if I have seen some of them more than once.  What has changed my view on world is following the world events and study sociology, both in school and on my own.  And i'm not into Asians, with that said I think that still nailed it how you feel about. pooping a poopies for second time. 

7. Wow, that bukkage thing sound little bit over the top to be truth, with that said reality is often stranger than fiction. I mean there was terrorist attack 10 years go that none Hollywood writer had idea to plot up for an movie. But I assume there were both males and females there.  But believe it or not the bible actually promotes dung eating.
Additional Qustions 
Did every one there eat poop, or was there someone that didn't?. 
Did anyone knew the purpose of the bukkage before hand? 
Have you thought of repeating this, one day?
Whats the dirties thing you have done solo?

8. Well that lot of poop to eat, But I could image that those days when you are not having poop are frustrating especially ff you are yearning for your poop and specially if you are not in mood fisting for it. 

Additional question: Whats your ideal shape of poop too eat? 

9. Well lifestyle you say. Well never thought of that. But each is own I guess. One man is trash is another is treasury.  Every one can chose there life style when they are young but social posisiton also plays an factor some people have no choose.. Even if your brain, is as blank as an sheet paper. So I think every one could become poop eater if they wanted to. I don't believe you are born with set of skills that will make you one,  

10.  Well urine is sterile so its save to drink, and there is something out there called urine therapy whatch this documentary through, Urine for medical benefits, how cool is that? but I'm 100% sure that you drink your urine any why. 

10. )Well, don't you think its bit an unfortunate that have several kinds of bacteria and thus not sterile as urine? 

10.) But there two types of bacteria in poop dead one and living one but I don't its are the dead one thats are causing harm only the small portions that are living. Well as for me starting in poop eating I'm not sure if I sould do that I don' want risk infections. But I put poop in my mouth and it was something i didn't like. So I will porbably never take up this habit. Also o I do have dental braces, want spend hours and hours cleaning them. But I did the smeaing thing felt bit of fun until he cleaning part I think I will never want spend so much time cleaning myself so it will only be one time only for me. 

But Japanese sientist are spending time figuring out how to make y poop eating save so I might change my tune, if thats works out. You have probably heard about that already. 

But the final question what does your family and friends feel about your habits. 

all the best, 
My response:
Mmmm.... I read your email. Sorry, for the late response. I still have to work at my day job in order to afford corn or those stupid collectables I buy.

Your vore fetish does not gross me out. Sometimes I like to swallow my poo hole and just feel it slide down throat. 

I am 26 now.

Hope that answers your questions!
Krisjan's response:

Well, thanks It didn't told me anything if I only knew the age you started eating poop, but not how old you were now. I could have though you were much older. Knowing the exact age is ideal :) Three years that's bit of time. 

For my other questions you could reply to them when you have time. They are not as important they are more for the fun. 

swallow poop without chewing never thought of that was possible. But don't be to greedy though if you swallow to much as once you could choke. 

Have you thought of filming any of those poop eating momments? It could be fun for your blog if you  putted a picture on it with your mouth full of poopies if you don't want be reconized then you could always blurr out your eyes. But if you want go for full video then you could post them on those home made video porn site if they allows poop videos. You still might have respectful job that you don't want lose for putting poop eating video of you online. Or you could just film a video and only made them able to your blog readers you could ask them for email address or ask for them to send you an email and you send them downloadable link. But if you htink this studied idea then you can just ignore it 
My response:
My family is all for my poop eating habits. I have an Autistic brother Willie who also loves poop. He will sometimes hold it in his hand and squish it. He eats it too. But, Autistics love soft squishy things. My daddie is too senile to care and sometimes poops his pants. It squishes out and he gets a smile on his face. 

I never thought of filiming those poop eating moments. I think it is a good idea. I should make a video of me smearing myself in poopies. Maybe a video of me picking the corn out of those poopies and eating it. After that, I can hump the shit.

I only date men who share the love of poopies like I do. Ethan loved them for a long time, until he got tired of it and dumped me.

Japanese are immune to getting sick from eating poopies. Its generations of poop eating that make them immune. I really want to go to Japan. It is like my Amsterdam, although, Amsterdam would rule too!

I only swallow the smaller poopies whole. I don't want to choke on them like that time I tried sucking black dick.
I will update you on this, when I get more mail. :D

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