Wednesday, November 9, 2011

I Still Miss Ethan

Okay poopie freaks, I have a confession to make. Actually an embarrassing confession. I still think about Ethan and the fun times we had together. I know he's probably moved on and is fisting some random whore's poopie hole. I heard he's been cybering a lot on the Internet with random chicks, but cannot get any to cyber with him for more than 5 minutes when he starts talking about bending over and getting his poopie hole fisted. I know this, because I talked to one of his online friends, some skank named Cora. She chased him for a while and just stopped, I guess its because he lives in a trailer and she wants a higher standard of living.

I was sitting on the toilet at work yesterday making lunch. I only had a little skinny turd. WTF? I went to whipe and I couldn't whipe it all off. I mean, I used a half of roll of toilet paper. I ended up putting back on my underwear thinking I had it all, but later, I had a big poopie stain in my underwear! How the fuck does this happen. I licked it off and started whiping again and had even more delicious poo smears on the toilet paper. I'm still trying to figure out how I got that much poopie smeared on my ass.

Then I started to think of my Ethan. Whenever I went poopie, he would help me clean up. He would spread apart my ass cheeks gently and start licking. He would not stop until my asshole was so clean it sparkled. He would even stick his tongue inside my poopie hole to make sure no other poopies sneaked out. I still love Ethan, but he probably never thinks of me. I wonder if he forgives me. It was so long ago I don't remember what I did to piss him off.

Until then, I'm stuck with using a package of wet wipes. They are Disney Princess, so I can at least feel like royalty when I whipe. But, Ethan made me feel like a real princess whenever he licked me clean.

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