Thursday, September 29, 2011

Responding to fan mail!

I received an interesting piece of fan mail yesterday. This fan had a lot of questions about the Popanator lifestyle. Now, being one for sharing my love of poopies, I will share my response with you. I am PW short for my real name Poppy War.:

I'd love to know a few things about you. Ever since I found you on, I've been dying to talk to you and really understand the Popanator. If you're everything you say you are, you're a really fascinating person. I'd love to interview you if you can spare the time.

Do you honestly eat your own poop?

PW: Hey, I'm so glad to meet a fan of my work. Eating poopies isn't just a hobby for me -- it's an all-out passion. Yes, I really and honestly do eat my own poop all the time. I don't eat every poop that comes out, but most of the time I do.

When did you first eat your poop and how old were you?

PW: I was about 23 when something clicked inside me, and I realized that it was my destiny to eat my poopies. I just... fell in love with them, and realized that I could never let them get away from me. They are a part of my body, now and forever. It may sound like something an overly possessive lover or parent might say, but there's just something about poop that both turns me on and makes me feel kinda maternal.

What does it taste like?

PW: The taste of poopies actually vary considerably. Sometimes they carry an earthy, pheromonal taste tinged with bits of food, and sometimes they have an almost strawlike taste to them. I've even had some especially deep-seated shit (after I'd been constipated for awhile) that came out with an almost chalky taste about them. But if you know how your genitals smell, you've got an idea of how your poopies will taste. It's hard to describe for someone who hasn't got a point of reference. Just imagine if you could take the taste of corn, throw in the pure orgasmic bliss of the mother goddess herself, and then put it into crunchy peanut butter. That almost does it justice.

What does it feel like having your mouthful of poop?

PW: Well, I try not to be a pig when I eat shit. I don't just shove it all in, because that would be uncouth. Generally I take it in reasonable bites, the way you might savor a fine steak or a delicious cheese laden salad. But when passion overwhelms me and I just jam it in, it's like having a mouth full of the yummiest breasts you've ever chewed on, coupled with peanut butter and a fine fluid inside the poop that I can only assume is liquid joy.

What does it feel when slide down your throat?

PW: Remember when I said "liquid joy?" Oh yeah, it feels like swallowing the Willie juices of a god when it slides down my throat. I can't describe it, I'm sorry. Just imagine all the joys and pleasures of your life coalescing into a single gulp, and you've just about nailed the experience.

What does it feel like in your belly?

PW: Well, it's a little bit like being pregnant, in that you've got a true blessing swimming around inside you. I still blush a little bit when I feel my poopies kick. The fact that something that came from me is inside me once again is something I can barely put into words. It's somewhere between laughing and crying in the most amazing, orgasmic way possible. It's even better than fisting, and I don't say that lightly.

What does it feel like to poop a poop for the second time?

PW: Have you ever seen a movie that took your breath away and changed the entire way you viewed the world? Imagine seeing it a second time, having the effect be even more profound, while receiving the best oral sex ever and getting a full-body massage from a crack team of Asian masseuses, and you've just about nailed the sensation.

What's the "dirtiest" thing you have done, with poop on your own? And with other people's? (Including eating their poops and feeding them some of yours)

PW: One time, I did this bukkake thing where I invited a really huge group to shit all over me. I invited over this biker gang, a bunch of hippies, the entire local police and fire departments, all of my friends from work, most of the homeless people in the area... really, just a huge group of people. The turnout was truly awe-inspiring. It started out pretty mundane, with everything just doing a round rumper on me (that's where they all stand in a circle and take turns pooping on you). The REALLY exciting part came when someone got excited and shouted, "Dude, it's a BUFFET OF THE HEAVENS!" I'm not religious, but I had to agree. I was covered in a gigantic cocoon of shit, and it was unadulterated bliss. We ate until we could eat no more... and then we shat some more, and the feeding frenzy continued. We WERE one with everything. I literally BECAME the corn laden poo. I have never felt so powerful in my life.

How frequently do you eat your poop?

PW: I think the biggest joy of poopies is that they're always a surprise. Some days I don't poop, but when I do it's like an old friend visiting. If I had to post a number, I'd say about five or six times a week, give or take. Now, every once in awhile the poopy gods will bless me with diarrhea, and then it's ON. I've been able to eat 50 turds in a day before, when my bowels reared back and roared like a lion. Feel the power of corn laden poo!

Is poop eating something you would recommend to everyone, including me? Or is poop eating only for people with a certain type of kink mentally?

PW: I will admit that shit eating is a fetish, just like wanting a man with a hairy chest or loving super-thin women is. While I think everyone should at least try their own poop, the same way they should see Paris and go skydiving, it's like any kind of lifestyle choice. It's not everybody's thing, and I respect their right to abstain from eating poopies. More for me!

What do you feel about the alleged risk factors of eating poop?

PW: Honestly, it's a well-known fact that poopies contain several kinds of bacteria used in breaking down food. So there is the element of danger there for people who haven't developed a resistance or immunity the way most of my social circle has. So if you're going to start out, go slowly. Maybe put some delicious corn laden poo in your oatmeal, and kinda roll it around in there. You could even deep fry it until you get used to the texture. But in time, the risk factors become pretty light, as the bacteria is no longer an issue. I barely ever digest anything anymore, with my extreme fiber diet and auto-erotic scatological eating patterns.

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