Thursday, November 24, 2011

Poopie Makeup

Hey, poopy freaks! I just found out something really neat about shit and its wonderful incarnations. Your pal the Popanator has been experimenting with my new all natural line of beauty products, produced right here in the US of A. In fact, they're produced right here in mah poopy hole, where I squeeze out the raw ingredients on a regular basis. That's right -- I'm using poopies as makeup! Not only is it environmentally friendly and cost effective. It's even really sexy!

See, the other day I was eating poopies, as I normally do on days that end in a Y (Willie says that so much, I'm starting to pick up that little Willie-ism). I happened to catch a glimpse of myself in a mirror, and I thought, "ooh, you're lookin' downright Poppalicious." Naturally, having poopies all around my mouth leaves a yummy crust that's great for later enjoyment, or to get myself turned on while I lick my lips at a cute boy across a crowded room. But I'd never really thought of how hot having shit on my skin actually looks.

I mean, there was that one time I was on my period and decided to let Willie fuck my pussy instead of my ass. When he came, the flowback was a pretty pink that looked a little like a raspberry colada. When I rubbed that on my skin, I felt like the sexiest little slut on the block. But I'd never even considered the thought of what poopies could do, both for the health of my complexion and for my overall sex appeal.

So I've been experimenting with different shades of poopies. Yeah, I have some control over the shade. If I load up on corn, I get a bit of yellowish tint, which would really go for a darker girl IMO. Since I'm really fair, anything will do except green -- but that shit would be HAWT on a redhead. Imagine a sexy redhead, covered head to toe in green poopies... just like a sexy mermaid. I'd lick it off her like a good girl!

I'm serious, guys. I'm gonna keep experimenting with this until I've got my own line of cosmetics. Think I should call 'em Popon, or maybe Poopon? Or something different maybe? Help me out here.

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