Friday, December 9, 2011

Autistic Dating Tips

Do you have Assburgers and are frustrated? Well, here is a solution for you Assburgians! Get yourself a real doll! Its hilarious how Asspies will not date other Asspies. I guess, its so they don't fuck up their gene pool even more than it is. But, Asspies are the only ones that can deal with the lack of social skills of other Asspies.

Seriously now, if you are afraid of having retarded Autistic children, then get your nuts clipped and find an Assburger woman to bang.

If your social skills are so fucked up, you can't get an Autistic woman to bang you, then get yourself a doll. She won't say no and will fuck you every time. If you have an additional mental problem like schizophrenia then you can even have a relationship with her. Just watch the vid to see what I mean.

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