Sunday, May 15, 2011

Vegan BBQ Recepies

I decided to have a cook out with all the members of my family.  I amm proud to say my BBQ was completely cruelty free and organic. I had to keep my Austic Brother Willie from eating the delicious feast before my othern families members arrived.

The biggest hit with everyone is vegan cheeseburgers. I collect a pound of delicious corn laden poo. I shape it like hamburgers and throw it on the grill. Then I take the cottage cheese from my vag and rub it on there. MMmmm.... Throw tht shit on a bun when its nice and steaming and OMG!!! Better than animal corpses.

Hot dogs are just as easy. Shape poopies into hot dogs, cook until the corn has a black stripe and ram that log into a bun.

Urine makes licious lemonade! Throw some ice cubes and yum!

Poopie pie is the funnest end to a delicious feast. Shit in a pie pan and serve. It doesn't get any better than that! MMmmmm......... My family loves poopies! We ate until we shit, then we ate again and fell asleep in a poopy patch.

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