Sunday, May 29, 2011

My new tatroo!

I was so proud of myself this week! This site has been up for over a year. I wanted to reward myself for a year of hard work and over 250 blurbs that I spent my extra money to get a tattoo. I know, I'm supposed to be saving up \for being on my own, but damnit sometimes I have to reward myself!

I got a tattoo of two girls one cup. It is my favourite video on the interwebs. Two girls going poopie in a cup and sharing it romantically, damn, just damn! Everything I thnk of that I just have to fit my shithole into turdgasm. Now I have something to look at to remind me of that majical moment of lust. How romantic to share poopies.

Next week, I will be moving into my new castle. I know, much sooner than possible, but you'll have to read how I did it so fast. Lets just say, its a fairytale. The wise Uncle Tony gave me advice, while the Great Almighty Poo showed me the magic is just in myself. I needed no magic wands, but it did take a miracle.

Soon, I'll be in my poo brick castle and every time I pass a mirror I will fist my poopie hole until it bleeds and then use the blood as lube for the other end. MMmmmm..... I'm gonna cum! That is why I have my entire bathroom in mirrors so I can watch myself shit and fap. Shit and fap... MMmm....

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