Wednesday, May 25, 2011

A letter to my Ethan!


I miss you so much. Let's end this nonsense. I miss you so much, I want to hold you and smear our poopies all over each other's bodies. I want to lick the delicious corn laden poo off your poopie hole as it is dripping you. You were the corn to my shit. Now, my corn laden poo is just poo. Boing vanilla poo.

Please, just get over this nonsense. It doesn't matter who was wrong or right. Or who dumped who, because I forgot. I just want to taste that delicious corn laden poo in my mouth once again. Your poopies had a special flavor.

So, lets end this dissagreement and just go back to what we both loved most. Poopie play! Fill my mouth with corn and let me sing forever more. As we walk hand in hand in this corn field of life, I'll shove one up that poo hole and take it out for delicious poo suck. Well, I"ll compromise, you love carrots better, so I'll find the most bent one to shove up that poo hole.




Anonymous said...

I googles the boing vanilla poo and I come here to you site and you poopoo corn eatiung shit and you so crazy I write an email to googles to tell them to take you off the web searches for the boing vanilla poo

thank you

Popanator said...

Who the hell has vanilla laden poo? It doesn't make sense!? Poopies taste better with corn. Maybe chocolate but vanilla is no good with poopies.