Monday, May 23, 2011

Sulfur Shitties

I dropped a poopie that was completely different than my normal poopies. I call it a a shittie. I have been constipated for 7 days. When the rock hard shitties came out theyw ere spoiled. They smelled like sulfur. I couldn't even eat them. Rotten egg poopies!

I vomitied up some recycled poopies and corn. I didn't want to waste good corn so I licked that up and ate it. But, damn those rotten egg shitties, I cannot eat. Maybe I eat so much shit it ferments in the new shit getting expired and making shitties.

I just took those shitties trying not gag as much as I could and put them in a paper bag. I drove down to Ethan's and left it on his doorstep and then let in fire. I rang the door bell and ran. I hope he enjoys his chilli shittie scent!


CStuchenbracher said...

You barbydoll poopd liky I stikk kenn dolll up my pupeshoot and jamnramm bababyy! Jamnramm pupshoot fo ever babee!!

Popanator said...

Sometimes I jam Barbie up my poo hole, but her little plastic nail scratch my poo hole. :( I have to use a Barbie band aid to make it feel all better.