Saturday, May 14, 2011

What Do You Want To See?

Hello again, my poopie freaks. I was wondering what you guys love to read about. I know I'm into all fecal and scatological, oh and corn! I love freaking corn! Mmm... Especially I love to pick out of my poop! But, what else would you guys love to read about. I'm thinking about trying new things. Maybe more period blood, vomit, Maybe licking my dirty panties with the lovely fish aroma.

Post in the comments what you love to read about. What would you love for the Popanator to try? The nastier the better. MMmm.... I still don't see why people get offended at times whenever I talk about how I love my own juices. Everything that comes out of my body is wonderful and delicious.

Hopefully, soon I'll find a new love. Someone I could share delicious corn laden poo with. The biggest expression of love is sharing poopies. I used to love eating Ethan's poopies because it was a part of him, now in me. That's why I have trouble forgetting him, but summer is comming up and its time to go out there and find a new corn laden soulmate.

So, post in the comments what you want the Popanator to try!


Lady Vajayjay said...

Breast milk! MMmmmmm that's gooooood breastmilk!

Popanator said...

MMmm.... I do love to suck big fat titties after I smear them in poopies! Its like chocolate milk!