Saturday, May 21, 2011

My Autistic Brother Willie

Hey guys, it's Willie again. I've been into my numismatism lately- that's collecting coiny to you guys. There's just something about round metal objects that really gets my boner bonin'. So I got me an idea that I thought was pretty good. I took a pair of my coins and put a little bit of shit between 'em, so that they'd look like those little sandwich cookies people like to eat. I love those things. Of course, I'd have to be crazy to eat coins, so I just put my little sandwich coinies up on a shelf and admired them for a few hours.

Sometimes I can stare at something for hours on end, and it never gets old. We autistics have superpowers, ya know. We can do some pretty amazing shit sometimes. I hear God was an autistic, but then he got weaker after he fought the Incredible Hulk. Shit like that happens, ya know.

Anyhow, I looked at my coiny-wiches, and I thought they'd look better with something light colored in 'em. So I rubbed a pair of coins over my cock and balls, getting really hard and excited. I tried to control where my come went to, but by then my eyes were all rolled up in my head like drapes or something. I scraped some of my fresh come off of the walls, and that made all the difference. Now they looked like sandwich coiny.
Maybe some day I'll do something a little more ambitious with it, like saving up more of my ear wax and making some coiny cases out of it. I guess I could always do another bee hive, but man is that ever a project. And with my autistic animal magnetism, bees keep trying to move in thinking it's their new apartment or something.

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