Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Happy National Cut Your Energy Costs Day!

Okay, now I'm wondering about the point of this Holiday. Whatever, I will celebrate it the true Popanator style. I know I waste a lot of energy, my own! This working shit is stupid. 12 hour days?! I don't even have time to fist my poopie hole. I mean, I end up having to take a shit at work, and they make me flush it. I don't even have time to make jenkem.

The only good thing that happened at work last night was the toilet was clogged. The employees being as post lobotomy as they are, instead of telling the supervisor (me) they just kept shitting in the toilet and not flushing it. I was stumbling in the bathroom during my lunch break to sneak my little bottle of jenkem, and noticed in the toilet, LUNCH TIME! Mmm..... I gobbled that shit up fast. It was yummy too! The day shift poopies even became more jenkem. JENKEM! JENKEM! JENKEM!

Well, I didn't give a shit about anything else during last night's shift. But, I know I'm going to quit wasting energy. I'm just going to call in sick in the AM.

Here is also my favourite reading material I read when I make jenkem. Popanator's Best Quotes. http://popanator.com/checkout/ Yes folks, it is ALL the quotes of 2010. Check it out, read it. If it is popular enough, I'll make one for 2011. Just click for the best bathroom reading: http://popanator.com/checkout/

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