Friday, January 20, 2012

Happy Fetish Day!

Today is National Fetish Day! A glorious day of celebrating all your fetishes and maybe exploring some new ones. I celebrated today by getting laid by my new boyfriend. Yes, I got me an Autistic. Before you go, "Oh, gross!" Remember Autistics males all have bent dicks. That bent dick is so bent it, it is a tight fit in my gopher sized poopie hole. Autistics also have a methodical humping action. It is so fun and wonderful! With bent asspie dick I was able to cum 15, 20 times! I lost count after I passed out. So, yeah, you can kinda say I have a tard fetish. Hey, now this one is high functioning Autistic, so he can change his diapers after he has an accident.

Also, my favourite of favourite fetishes is still and will always be CORN LADEN POO! No bent Autstic dick will compare.

In other words? Hold my hand. In other words? Baby kiss me! Fill my mouth with corn! Let me sing forever more! Corn is all I dream of, worship and adore! (Besides faecal matter of course!)

Now, excuse me while I shove a corn cob up my poopie hole and prance around my house! I will also call up that hot autistic man of mine. Hopefully I can get some bent cock up all my holes. I love it when he takes control of me, ties me up, and just fills my poopie hole with that bent dick! It is wider than my fist. THen he takes it out and I suck all the pooey wet juices and we do it again!

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