Thursday, January 27, 2011

Shit Balls!

I saw this show on TV about dung beetles, and I think they are absolutely CUTE! Not only are these little buggy things that like to hang around in poopies. Now, as I enjoy upgrading my personal education, I paid very close attention to the poopy hoarding behavior of the dung beetles that were profiled in the show.
Some kinds of beetles like to push their shit balls around like some kind of a sport. Sounds like fun- maybe I'll try that later on. Poopy ball! But I started to get a little hot when it mentioned that some dung beetles don't bother with that, and just live in the poopy patch. Next time I'm out "shopping" for meadow muffins, I'll be sure to take a big wheel barrow so I can stock up. I need to redecorate anyway...

What's really cool about the dung beetles is that the mommy and the daddy dungie sometimes push the shit ball as a team. Maybe some day my Ethan and I will have our very own massive ball of shit- the American Dream made real. I'm sorry, but I've gotta fist my shit hole over that or I'll just explode. Kisses!

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