Saturday, January 22, 2011

Abortion Rant

I was reading about abortion and it looks like a lot of people are still doing it. What is wrong with those kinds of people, anyway? Why do they have to be violent with their kids, and why do they need to have sex if they aren't willing to have the consequences of it? I mean, if you don't want to have a kid, there are plenty of safe sex alternatives. For instance, do you realize that poopy hole fisting is a one hundred percent safe option for avoiding pregnancies and maximizing your pleasure? Nobody ever got a baby from a fist, people! If you don't want to breed you stupid animals, don't take dicks! Are you cock riding dumbasses too useless to control your own impulses, or are you just animals in heat?

You know what I want to do to an abortionist? I want to tie them up, crumple them into the fetal position, and give them the "joy" of being born again through shoving their heads up mah shit hole. That way one of two things is gonna happen. One possibility is that after a few dozen dunks, they will realize that not being inside of some dumbass who wants to hurt you is what makes life worth living- it's okay to deal with retards as long as you aren't jammed up inside of one of them.

The second thing is, maybe they will finally see the poopy visions that have been obvious to me this entire time, and they will finally convert to the poopy religion that I preach. My way is the right way, poopies are the gift straight out of heaven that we need to share with our kids, and you need to stop killing them you ratbag garbage fuckers!!!!!!1!!!!!


Jacky Maille said...

You should lecture teenagers with that rant. You could make a killing selling t-shirts that said, "Fists Not Dicks!".

Popanator said...

That's a good idea! It would help spread the message of how fisting is the safest sex!