Friday, September 3, 2010

Chewy Yeast Taffy!

Here is a pic of my sweetest boyfriend Ethan!!! I got an idea for a new tasty candy for my party while he was eating my crusty cheesy vag last night! Chewy Yeast Taffy!

Here's the reciepie:

1 cup of vaginal yeast infection juice. (I usually get this by fisting my vag and letting the milky white juices leek in the cup.)
1/4 cup of vag flakes. (I get this by scratching my infected vag!)
1/2 cup of sugar. (It makes the taffy sweet)

Mix all the ingredients nice and hard. LOL@ hard! That's how Ethan mixes my ingredients. Then let it sit out in the sun all day! By the next day go outside and you'll have a chewy taffy substance! Enjoy!

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Jacky Maille said...

Have you ever thought of doing mail order?

Popanator said...

That's a good idea, but I will have to fist my crusty cheesy vag a lot to get enough for that much taffy! Yum!