Thursday, July 1, 2010

Popanator spreading love and shite on the interwebs

One of my other favorite sites to visit is It is where i can post my most intimate secrets and spread my love of poopies. This day where I wrote at: I talked about buying a used dildo at a garage sale. Scroll down and you can also see where I wrote it on here. The comments I got were fucking hilarious:

what the hell kind of garage sale would sell a used dildo? youre a liar. go on somewhere else.

Posted by lovelybonesmachine on Wednesday, 06/30/10 - 12:50pm

Ignore lovelybonesmachine. It irritates me how everyone here always calls everyone else a liar. I think you're weird. How would it look like corn? I can't picture it.

Posted by Multiple Me on Wednesday, 06/30/10 - 5:44pm

It would look like corn because my poo has a lot of corn on it. If I put it up my ass and the ribs caught the poo then it would have poopies and the corn in the poopies on it. Mmm... It makes me hungry!!!!

Posted by Popanator on Wednesday, 06/30/10 - 5:47pm

Fucking liar. Your the same shit eating asshole who keeps posting messages about shit on this site. Find another site to shit on.

Posted by YoYo on Wednesday, 06/30/10 - 11:38pm

what is your fucking problem lovelybonesmachine or crap fucker get the hell out of this site you don't deserve to be here!

Posted by mimi amma on Thursday, 07/1/10 - 4:59pm


Posted by YOUWILLDIE on Thursday, 07/1/10 - 8:02pm

Hopefully someday, I'll inspire more love for poopies and the delicious corn inside of them.

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