Thursday, July 29, 2010

Corney Poopies!!!1!!!

I got off the bus the other day, and it was magical. Corn for as far as the eye can see, coming up out of the ground just like it falls out of my poopie hole after awhile. A world of corn – I cried. Then I ran through the rows, taking those lovely corn stalks. Then I wondered how many corn cobs I could stick in mah poopie hole. I was a little tight that day, so I only got to 10. I was walking funny after that, but I had the cutest little pooey corn tail, with big leafy feathers. I grabbed a big armful of corn for later – when I get in shape, I bet I can stuff 20 corn cobs in my ass. Maybe launch 'em out like I did with the rockets, leaving a delicous corny spray for everyone to enjoy and eat!!!!1!!!

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