Thursday, July 1, 2010

Popanator on the interwebs

What does Popanator love to do more than anything? Visit the world wide web spreading the love of poopies. This is some quote from my favoritest website I love to post on . You should check it out. It has some sexxy pictures of white trash at the favorite meeting place Wal-Mart. One of my favorite responses I've gotten to my comments:

Rev J

Popanator, you are a sick child. Maybe we should pimp you out to some German shizer porn and may some money off of you.
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Here is Boston Butt
@REV J — take it easy on popanator. He is obviously a “special” child whose developmental delay has left him as fixated on his poopie hole as my 10-year-old nephew. Expecting him to stop talking about his anus is like expecting the ocean to stop being wet.

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