Saturday, July 31, 2010

Painful love

I was just sitting there taking my shit all filled with anticipation. But this shit was different. I was so much larger and hard than normal. It was like shitting out one of those rock hard poopcicles but not as nice. It was like giving birth. Then the poopie got stuck. Horrors! I had to take out my vacuum cleaner bent over when the shit brick hanging out of my ass and vacuum it out. The brick was larger than my fist. Finally the damn thing came out and my shit hole was bleeding. I used the blood as lube to fist my cunt for a while, because it hurt just so damn good!!! Then I took my rock hard poopie and threw it against the wall. Now there is a shit stained hole in my wall. Mmm... I licked up the juicies!

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Anonymous said...

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