Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Poppy on the interwebs again!

One of my oh so favorite websites is www.droppedthebomb.com. What is so funny, is that I have spread my love of poopies on it so much that there is actually people imitating the POPANATOR!!! Here ya go:

Eric Popinator

Posted On Sunday, July 25, 2010

I love POOPIES! I changed my mind,I have a right don't I? I want to play with poopies again!

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The above post was not posted by me, but by the Popanator imposter. I'm truly sorry, folks.

Posted by Eric on Sunday, 07/25/10 - 11:39pm

If you are going to imitate Popanator, at least spell it right.

Posted by Popanator on Monday, 07/26/10 - 9:32am

Seriously now, if you are going to pretend to be Popanator, spell it right!!!

an imposter on this site...

Posted On Sunday, July 25, 2010

OK, here's the deal. Since I have given my life to Christ, and ceased posting vile stories and comments on here under the Popanator name, someone has decided to try to steal the name, and continue posting disgusting stories. He is an imposter. He is not the real Popanator. I am Eric Smith, the original Popanator. His stories are even worse than some of mine were. Friend, may I suggest that you go to church, and learn the truth that I have accepted? Or just read your Bible. It's not all about poopie. And please stop using the Popanator name. Seriously, a blimp? That's just not right, friend.

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This guy's a fake. My daddie and me eat poopies all the time and we don't go to no stupid church. We rather stay home and play with poopies and fist each others poopie holes. I love to eat my daddie's poopies.

Posted by POPINATOR on Sunday, 07/25/10 - 11:16pm

HAHAHAHA! Dude! For real... I know Eric. He's the for real POPANATOR. Well, ex popanator. You should be ashamed to trying to copy his genius! RATBASTARD FOREVER!! HAHAHA!

Posted by RATBASTARD on Sunday, 07/25/10 - 11:33pm


Posted by EEBIE on Sunday, 07/25/10 - 11:35pm

Poster, thank you for the wonderful legacy you left us. Have you considered bringing me and Ratbastard Ralph to church with you? Could we go as a gay couple? He hates my guts so I was kind of hoping we could learn to love each other in a new way (besides just sexually).

Please think about it, Ralph, you really mean a lot to me.

I also know EEBIE did not write that post.

Posted by YNN on Monday, 07/26/10 - 12:49am

You certainly may come with me, YNN. For a long time, I read your posts and comments, and thought that they were very stupid. Now, I have realized that you have tried to give sound advice, while all I did was make stupid rants about poopies and fisting. I am so ashamed. Yes. You and Ratbastard can come with me to church.

Posted by Eric Smith on Monday, 07/26/10 - 1:03am

Eat shit, YNN. You stupid fuck! I'm not going with you anywhere.

Posted by RATBASTARD on Monday, 07/26/10 - 1:06am

YNN, how would you know that the poster claiming to be EEBIE was not indeed EEBIE? Is EEBIE really your alter ego? That would indeed be entertaining to discover. A perfectly logical, well spoken person, who gives sound advice from one side of his mouth, and who spews random vile comments from the other. Ha!

Posted by To YNN on Monday, 07/26/10 - 1:11am

Wow, I didn't know I had some many fans. If you love me that much, just go to my websites popanator.blogspot.com.

Posted by Popanator on Monday, 07/26/10 - 9:48am

I can't tell you how I know EEBIE didn't write that comment, because then the impostor(s) would know how I know.

If I actually had any extra time, I would respond to more people's confessions, not invent some ridiculous game of tag or good cop/bad cop. LOL! I like EEBIE; he's sincere; he's sensitive and misundersood, but a sweet guy.

As for Ratbastard, you still need some time to think about it, I see. That's O.K. remember, I may be a "stupid fuck," but I am STILL a "fuck." Would you ever really want to pass that up, Ratbastard?

Posted by YNN and Rat off to church on Monday, 07/26/10 - 2:11pm


Posted by Eric Smith on Monday, 07/26/10 - 4:55pm

Ratbastard Ralph, I'll NEVER stop loving you. You COMPLETE me. We need each other. I just think you need a little more time to warm up to the whole idea of us doing sexually obscene things to each other. I can't wait, nor can I stand to wait much longer. I will seek you out, stud muffin.

Posted by YNN smoking ratbastard cock on Tuesday, 07/27/10 - 4:

Yup, the first guy Eric Smith is pretending to be Popanator atoning for sins. LOL I think this troll war is actually really cool.

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