Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Stuck to the toilet seat!

 I love the toilet so much I decided I wanted to stay there forever. But, other people in my life kept bugging me and taking me away from my beloved toilet. I came up with the best solution evar! I super glued my fisting bumpers to the toilet seat. Ethan couldn't even pull me away! Hahaha! I am here forver!I can go poopie whenever I want. If someone wants to bug me, fine go to my shit room. My sanctuary. The toilet also stores up my poopies like a refrigerator. I can pick out a nice cold one when I'm hungery! I can pick out the corn bits as desert!

I am a god damn genius!


Janeenma Jomamma said...

Guuuuuurrrrrrl!!! U on some drugs aincha? What kind U B takin? And don't say LAXATIVES!!!!!!

Popanator said...

I take a shit and let it ferment for a few days. Then I sniff it and get buzzed@