Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter!

Easter is one of mah favorite holidays. I hear that this guy in the middle east got killed before he was sniffing other people's butts (that was against the law back then, I guess- pretty primitive), and then they stuck him into a deep, dark poopy hole. He stayed in there for three days, which is pretty impressive, because I've never been able to put my face in a poopy hole for more than a couple of minutes without getting really dizzy and having to pull out early. Maybe he had special magic lungs or something- the Easter miracle maybe?

Anyway, Easter is a great time to go out with someone you love and spend some quality time soaking up some sunshine and fisting each other's poopy holes until there's just nothing left to scrape out. Maybe some day my little Desmond will learn the glory of fisting. I'm going to give him room to steer on that one, because he's young and needs time to decide for himself if the poopy lifestyle is really right for him. I have a poop fetish- I'm not a Mormon.
But anyway, Desmond's finally getting old enough that he can appreciate the holiday seasons. This year's Fistmas is bound to be super special when it comes around. But for Easter, I decided that I'd get him a chocolate bunny, and make a bunny out of my own booty chocolate. I was going to make some eggs too, but my poopies already look like eggs. I didn't even have to do anything with 'em. Maybe that's the new Easter miracle- Magic Egg Poopies. Fucking licious, people


Anonymous said...

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Popanator said...

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