Friday, April 1, 2011


Everybody's been telling me I should write a book about my little poop fetish exploits, and I totally want to do that. But you know, it's like everything else in life- sometimes it's just easier to keep up the doing (as in, eating delicious corn laden poo) than it is to get all introspective and stuff about it. I mean seriously, I've got two hands, a mountain of poopies, a veritable pool of poopy juices, a mouth that just can't get enough of it all. I have the shitty American dream, you know what I mean? And as much as I love to share (especially when it involves the beautiful products of mah poopy hole), sometimes it's hard to break free (especially when there's a little piece hangin' by mah pubes).
But I have had an idea for the Popanovel (a fan came up with that name- love ya!), and I'd love it if you guys could tell me whether it's poopylicious, or if it's just ordinary shit. Anyhow, instead of using all of those boring old words, I was thinking I could take take a tasty turd, squish it into a book like an ink blot test, and then let everybody have their own completely unique piece of Popanator art. Now, I can't create this type of thing nearly as fast as a printer can, but I can damn sure try!


Anonymous said...

Scarcely this past weekend over 300 tattoo artists mostly from Southern California studios gathered in Pomona's Fairplex to fire their ink at joined of the in seventh heaven's largest conventions of its kind. In addition to the dexterous artists, the Trunk Art Expo in Pomona also featured plenty of play such as tattoo grade contests, energetic music concerts and MMA fights.

Popanator said...

mmmm.... Then they can rub poopies all over each others bodies and lick the delicious corn out of said poopies!