Thursday, April 28, 2011

Going number three!

A magical thing happened when I realized I no long just have two choices in life: staying at my daddie's farm house changing depends and eating the poo or just stay with Ethan and keep things status quo, I realized I could have my own life. Away from all this. I made my blue plans for my poopie caste.

I didn't want just another tailer or farm house that isn't mine. I WANT MY POOPIE CASTLE! Something of my own. I searched out today for my land. I want enough land to grow corn. The Royal Crop! I also wanted a piss moat. Statues or corn laden poo, made out of corn laden poo!

Searching high and low I found just the land I wanted. It was perfect for growing corn. However it costs money, and how am I going to make that much money?

I sat down in a corn patch and pondered how I will come up with that cash? Maybe make poopie crafts and sell them? Sell poopie art work and stories?! Make chocolates out of delicious corn laden poo?

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