Monday, April 25, 2011

Pink lemonade!

Today I was sitting on the toilet. Just pondering the world and life listening to the saddest songs. Me and my Ethan broke up. Its like a part of the Popanator is gone...forever. He was the corn to my shit.

He decided to leave after my obession with jenkem. Its doubtful I could ever get him back. He gave me  long to do list. Then at the end of it said there was no promise he'll be with me even after I accomplish those things. I wish there was something anything I could do. How do I know he won't just be off with the trailer park queen. It makes me sad every day. I still have other colourful characters in my life but none of them could ever replace my Ethan.

After sitting on the toilet for hours pondering my fate I started bleeding out of my cunt. The water turned my blood pink! I stood up and it looked like pink lemonade! I bent over and started licking the toilet like a dog does.

It looks like pink lemonade, but doesn't taste like it. It tasts so much better. Yum! Yum! That made me feel better.

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