Wednesday, May 30, 2012

A Special Post for a Special Fan

Here is a special post I made for my friend, fake Popanator. See, he's been going overboard imitating me. So, I'm starting to imitate him, imitating me, yeah. Anywho, fake Popanator, you can't out troll the Queen of Trolls!

Popanator here! I love my job at McDonald's, but it does cause a lot of stress. Sometimes, when I'm stressed, I poop myself. Well, tonight at work I went poopie in my pants and it fell down my pants leg. Now, being the happy soul I am, I decided to make a valentine for my boss Gene. I took my poopie like a brown crayon and wrote on the walls, "I LOVE GENE" The poo was fun and squishy. after I was done writing, I then put the extra poo on the floor. It was slick and I went ice skating! Imagine the look on Gene's face when he saw me ice skating with the valentine on the wall, He was so happy he sent me home early!

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