Friday, May 4, 2012

Autistic Dating Tips

April was a month to celebrate. Our hero, Christian Weston Chandler lost his virginity. Okay, so he got tired of being a virgin and bought a hooker. Either way, he got his dick wet. A lot of autstic males are single and lonley. You know why?


Look a Chris Chan! He is a typical autistic male. They are mostly selfish assholes. They expect to get away with everything from wearing attractions signs to trying to run over someone with a car. If they get in trouble they just cry autism. They can't help it because they are autistic.

Fuck that shit. My autistic brother Willie recently got fired for asking a co-worker about how she liked to be fisted. Now, Popanator does this shit, but never at work. I wait until after I punch out before I give my co-workers a good fisting. He got fired for not only harassing this woman but making fisting actions while he talked and then asked her to sniff his fist. I tried going, "Pipe down, Willie, we're at the call centre not the family reunion!"

Too late, he was fired. A day later, he hired a lawyer and slammed autism papers on the table and screamed discrimination. Now, he's all, "Choking my daddie's chicken this, and fisting poopie holes that." Even on the phone with clients.

Well, one bad thing for the autistic male is that autistic females are rare. No normal woman will put up with their shit. So, one autistic male just became a chick.


Hey, it was the closest thing he'd get to a female before he hired a hooker. So, I guess that's my autistic dating tip, just get a hooker.

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