Thursday, May 10, 2012

Poopies for Hire

Hi, Poopie Freaks! Lots and lots of updates. I have been very busy. Popanator is even getting more and more well known. Popanator walks into a chatroom and boom, gets the banhammer immediately. LOL But, seriously guys, I am now getting into writing for hire.

Yes, its true, I am taking my hobby and running with it. Sure, I still love my day job. I get to lick the poo smears they leave on the bathroom wall and sniff the used maxi pads they stick up there. Mmmm.... My favourite is when I am eating lunch in the bathroom, and a coworker goes into the stall next to me to fap. I can smell the tuna while licking up the delicious and I mean mother fucking delicious CORN LADEN POO!

But, what I have learned in the intensive psycho therapy I have been getting lately, is yes, I am in control of my life. My writing style as you may have noticed is adult. I am here to write whatever you need. I would love to write for shit fetish, fisting, anal websites. Mmmm.... That just makes my asshole twitch with glee.

Recently I have expanded my writing to my more, darker side. The cynical side that just had her soul sucked out like sucking the shit off my boyfriend's poo laden dick. Love you, Sam! 

My profile will be popping up on various sites (for some shitty reason and not shitty in a good way you have to verify your phone number. I was enjoying living phone free. I had to go out and buy a new smartphone.) like dog's dicks in springtime wanting to hump  their mate of the hour.

If you love my writing style and you need someone to write for your lovely poo laden website, reach me at:

Love you, Poopie Freaks!!!


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