Friday, June 1, 2012

Visiting My Boyfriend!!

I get to visit my boyfriend tonight! YAY! Hey, I live 4 hours away from him and work an insane amount of overtime, plus going to class, getting mental therapy, fuck, I only get to fuck twice a month. So, naturally, I want said fucking to count.

For the best sexual education, of course I used the internet. It taught me everything I needed to know about sex. I am going to try something new tonight, ENEMAS!!! mMMMM..... Its healthy and fun! You get to clean out your colon and get a delicious corn spray! I was spraying corn just thinking about it.

Oh, the fun, you can do a milk enema! That is how you make creamed corn! Delicious corn laden soup one may say!

 Hell, its a fun activitiy to do with friends. I wonder why that guy's dick is black. Maybe its already shit covered. Alright, now its time for me to hit the road. I hope you guys have as much fun this leekend as I will!

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